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Open Your Heart All Year Long Every year, the festive season stirs a range of emotions in us and because of this, charities give their

Raising Awareness of an Epidemic of Epic Proportions Every year on the 1st of December, government organizations, health officials, NGOs, and people all over the

A Partnership Inspired by Peace The Martin Richard Foundation has made a commitment to donate $1 million to Project 351, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization

Is This the Future of Philanthropy? The United Nation’s charity for children, UNICEF, has announced that it would be accepting donations in bitcoin and other

Focusing on Girl Power International Day of the Girl was created with the aim of having a day dedicated to acknowledging gender inequality around the

In Krasnaya Sloboda, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev Financing The World’s First Museum Dedicated to History And Culture of Mountain Jews The first museum in

How to Pick the Right Charity Supporting a charity can be a rewarding way to give back. But before you start making donations, it is

As global economies become more unstable around the world, the job of fundraising becomes more challenging for non-profit organizations. It helps to have well-researched studies

Philanthropy is no longer the sole responsibility of individuals. Increasingly, corporations are embedding into their strategic plans, corporate responsibility objectives. These objectives include financial gifts,

Newly minted millionaires and billionaires looking to start foundations need to be aware of the many challenges that they will face when setting up a

The current group of new donors comes from the Generation X and Millennials who are introducing disruptive new technology and strategies for philanthropy in the

Evidence-based philanthropy means that donations are made to programs and projects based on the evidence of their effectiveness. It is commonly used by large scale

Philanthropy in the United States tends to operate within different parameters than philanthropy in Europe and the United Kingdom specifically. Key trends in philanthropy in

The rise (and fall, and rise again, and fall again!) of cryptocurrencies has been making the news since late in 2017, but with more and

Philanthropic donations in China are rising with the numbers of newly minted millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs. Since 2010 philanthropic donations from the top 100 philanthropists