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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Anatta Foundation

Anatta Foundation

3 Shadal str
22nd floor
Tel Aviv

Foundation Guide - Anatta Foundation


The Anatta Foundation aims to improve lives by supporting selected initiatives in healthcare, education, arts, and culture. The foundation offers financial assistance and results-oriented partnerships tailored to the needs of each initiative. 

Anatta believes in working closely with grantees to achieve common goals while drawing on outside expertise in the private sector and global education. 

Supported Causes

The Anatta Foundation’s activities support world peace, health and mental health, art and culture, education, and awareness to developing countries. The foundation funds projects that take an innovative approach and have a proven track record of improving lives.


Some of the foundation’s most notable projects include:

  • Adam Campus – The campus offers psychotherapy and psychoanalytic therapy to residents of Lod, a city that struggles with economic and social challenges. 
  • The World Peace Bell Association – An prize for communities that are actively promoting peace and communal development. 
  • The Jerusalem Shelter for Women – A women’s shelter established in 1978 to help victims of domestic abuse. 
  • Harmony Village – A rehabilitation treatment center for people with drug abuse and mental impairment problems. 
  • African Studies Gallery – A non for-profit gallery in Tel Aviv that brings African art to the people of Israel. 
  • ZUMU – An organization that sets up art museums to make high-quality arts and culture accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background. 
  • The New Fund for Cinema and Television – An organization that’s been funding filmmakers since 1993 with a special focus on new filmmakers, filmmakers from the Middle East, and ultra-orthodox female filmmakers. 
  • Lod Foundation – The foundation makes a building available for various community-focused programs in the city of Lod. 
  • Zikaron Basalon – A social initiative on the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day that encourages learning from the past and “remembrance in the living room.”
  • The Forum for Gender, Law, and Policy – An academic platform that strives for gender equality in Israel through legal reform, creating awareness and promoting public debate. 

The foundation is particularly interested in initiatives encouraging cultural exchange between Israel and Africa.

The Foundation's History

Ora, Eytan Stibbe and their family co-founded Anatta Foundation in 2007 to support initiatives that promote an empathetic and inclusive world. Stibbe is an entrepreneur, investment specialist, and board member for various NGOs and universities supporting education in underserved communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa. 

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