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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

The Ansara Family Fund at The Boston Foundation 

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Foundation Guide - Ansara Family Fund


The mission of the Ansara Family Fund is to end global poverty so that no parent is compelled to give their child up for adoption. In fulfillment of its mission, the Fund seeks to build sustainable physical and social infrastructure within impoverished communities so that local populations can become empowered and access financial stability. While the Foundation does respond to immediate needs in the face of emergencies, the overriding goal is to support systemic change that will continue long after the crisis has been resolved. To this end, the Foundation focuses on funding community-based programs and collaborative partnerships that involve the impacted individuals themselves, giving opportunities for leadership and ownership over home-grown solutions.

The Ansara Family Fund operates internationally in pursuit of its mission to bring an end to global poverty. Its primary focus is on Haiti and Nepal, but it has also funded projects in Peru, Ecuador and Afghanistan.

Supported Causes

  • Nutrition, Healthcare and Hygiene
  • Shelter and Security
  • Quality Education
  • Natural Resources
  • Equality and Political Power
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Capital Markets

The foundation provides direct support to organizations that work in their key areas of corporate social responsibility.


  • Prosperity Catalyst: An incubator and instigator of women-led businesses in Haiti and Iraq, focused on building platforms that empower women, creating pathways to economic stability. Prosperity Catalyst envisions a world where women are change agents, serving as catalysts to bring economic and social change to their communities and the world.

  • Partners in Health: Building sustainable healthcare infrastructure in Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, Russia, Mexico, Malawi, Peru, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Navajo Nation, Partners in Health pursues its mission of providing preferential healthcare services for the poor. Its goals are to bring the most cutting-edge, medically advanced healthcare technologies to the impoverished and thereby change despair to hope. Partners in Health draws upon an international cadre of physicians, scientists, researchers and others in the medical community to fulfill its mission around the globe.

  • Wellspring House: Wellspring House provides humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable and often-forgotten refugee populations that have been left out by major international humanitarian organizations: women, children and those living in urban centers. Their work is focused on communities and individuals who are in extreme danger and have no other resource. Wellspring House works across Africa, assisting those fleeing from persecution, war and civil unrest in their home countries.

The Foundation's History

The Ansara Family Fund was founded by Karen and Jim Ansara in 2005. From its humble beginning, operating out of their home, The Fund has grown to be an international philanthropy, funding organizations and partnerships around the world. It is now housed in the Boston Foundation, as a donor-advised fund.

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