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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

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Foundation Guide - Arcadia Fund


Arcadia Fund is committed to preserving cultural heritage and the environment through the provision of grants to charities, scholarships, project funding and enabling open access to information and publications worldwide.

The Arcadia Fund has a worldwide focus with funding allocated to numerous projects outside of the UK.

Supported Causes

Preserving Endangered Culture: Through grants to universities, archives and museums the fund aims to preserve cultural heritage that is at risk. Efforts to digitally document near-extinct languages are at the forefront of efforts along with endangered cultural practices, artifacts and archives.

Preserving Endangered Nature: The fund provides grants to organizations that preserve endangered habitats. They fund projects to protect at risk land and sea areas and train staff, enable research and policy development.

Open Access: Aims to provide open internet access to a range of material free of charge including publications, research and legal materials.

**Human rights, philanthropy and education were previously supported causes discontinued since 2009.


The Arcadia Fund looks for organizations that can deliver on their objectives of sustaining culture and the environment. They do not have an open grants program.

Main criteria for funding projects
Although the Arcadia Fund does not accept unsolicited applications for funding, they do actively search for organizations that are robust, sustainable and well researched which can deliver on the funds specified objectives.

  • Funded Organizations/Projects
    Digital Library for the Study of Africa ($2,500,000)
    Funded in 2007 the scholarly resource library was designed to be made available online for African institutions.
  • Conservation of Birds and their Habitats ($3,500,000)
    The Arcadia funds has awards two rounds of funding to this project in 2009 and 2013 to sustainably manage the habitats of high priority bird species around the world, especially in highly bio-diverse countries.
  • The Endangered Archives Program (16,900,000)
    Funded in 2004, the grant was established to help digitize historic archives and particularly vulnerable or neglected archives. The donation helps to fund projects that are chosen from an annual competition.
  • Campaigns to restore and Protect the World’s Oceans ($5,000,000)
    Targeting change within fishing operations in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Aimed at changing fishing policies to reduce the destruction of ocean habitats.

The Foundation's History

The Arcadia Fund was established in 2001 by Lisbet Rausing and Professor Peter Baldwin. Lisbet Rausing is a well known philanthropist and also the vice-president of Fauna & Flora International, a conservation charity. As of June 2014 the fund had made in excess of $326 million in grants to organizations and projects that preserve at threat culture and nature around the world. The fund is not a well publicized group, there is little made available online about their organization, however the actions of the Donor Board and Advisory Board are significant in terms of shaping the preservation of culture and nature. In 2014 the fund provided $34.6 million in total funding, a significant increase on the previous years total, so the outlook is positive.

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