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Black Minds Matter UK


The core mission of Black Minds Matter UK is to help Black people and their families across the UK to get access to free professional mental health care.

The charity aims to make this service available, relevant, and without attached stigma.


Supported Causes

The charity was designed to support the mental health of Black people and their families by helping them connect with resources that are culturally appropriate, professional, and free. The main aim of Black Minds Matter UK is to assist Black people with trauma related to their race.


Up to 12 free therapy sessions with a Black therapist who is certified and culturally competent are available to Black people and their families struggling with mental health issues. Black Minds Matter UK has a growing team of Black experts within the mental health community who are certified and vetted. Because of the thorough vetting process, only the highest quality services are offered to clients. Every therapist involved in the charity’s project has the relevant qualifications required and is a member of an official board in the industry. They also have liability insurance in place.

For a Black person to begin receiving free therapy, they need to take the following steps:

  • Browse through the Black Minds Matter UK website.
  • Select a suitable therapist based on needs.
  • Ask the selected therapist for an assessment and complete it with them, should they be available.
  • Once the assessment is completed, Black Minds Matter UK will release the funds to the therapist directly. There is no paperwork for the person getting help.
  • Up to 12 free sessions are available in a course of therapy.
  • The cost per session will range between £50 and £75 per hour and will be completely covered by Black Minds Matter UK.

Foundation's History

Black Minds Matter UK was launched in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic was sweeping across the world and the shocking and senseless death of George Floyd on 25 May triggered massive global protests. The Black Lives Matter movement was highlighted like never before and a few days after the tragedy, the charitable fund Black Minds Matter UK was conceived by two friends from Bristol, Agnes Mwakatuma and Annie Nash.

Agnes was born in Tanzania but has been living in the UK for 12 years. She has experienced racism as a black woman living in a mainly white town and worked extensively in the charity sector where she created and managed youth-led programs in East Africa. Annie was born in the UK and spent a significant part of her working life in the mental health industry. She is passionate about the fight for racial justice. The friends met at university in Bristol and forged a strong friendship, both aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement. Launching Black Minds Matter UK was a natural progression for both.