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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Creative Youth Network

20 Old School House, 
The Kingswood Estate, Britannia Road, 
Bristol, BS15 8DB
(117) 9477948
[email protected]

Foundation Guide - Creative Youth Network


The Creative Youth Network is a charitable foundation located in South West England, in Bristol. The foundation is passionate about working with young people and tries to help them achieve their full potential by cultivating positive and secure relationships with them based on individual needs. 

The foundation consists of youth workers, volunteers, campaigners, and creative professionals who work alongside the board of trustees for the organization’s strategic development. The trustees are industry experts and volunteer their time for free to give young people from all walks of life the opportunities they need to thrive. 

Everyone involved with Creative Youth Network has the same goal at heart—to make positive change.

Supported Causes

Creative Youth Network is dedicated to causes that help the marginalized, vulnerable, and underserved youth of Bristol and the surrounding areas. The foundation supports projects that help these young people overcome barriers to reaching their potential.


Some of the Creative Youth Network’s most significant projects are:

Youth Centers

Creative Youth Network operates four youth centers: Hilfields, The Station, The Stokes, and Hanham. The centers are safe spaces where young people can spend time exploring their interests, being creative, and building relationships with others. Activities include DJing, cooking, discussions, and art. 

Advice and Support

The foundation offers support and advice to young people from all different backgrounds, no matter their situation. The youth workers at the Creative Youth Network focus on building positive relationships with the young people to help them navigate through challenges like family breakdowns, mental health issues, or struggles at school.

Creative Courses

Creative Youth Network believes that creativity can help young people tackle the ups and downs of life. The foundation offers creative courses that help young people find their unique artistic voice and vision and gives them the tools to develop it. The courses help create an environment where sharing emotions is safe and help the young artists fuel their passions into creative success. 

Alternative Education and Careers Advice

According to the Creative Youth Network, the traditional education system may have its merits, but it is sometimes ineffective. The foundation is there to help catch the young people who slip through the cracks of formal education by offering them an alternative route to arts qualifications. This helps those at risk of dropping out to stay focused and engaged. 

The foundation also offers career advice and skills courses for people aged 16 to 25 who are not working or in school. 

The Foundation's History

The Creative Youth Network has been active since 2017 with various projects geared to help the youth of Bristol and surrounding areas. Over the years, the volunteers who work with the foundation have managed several successful projects and have helped thousands of marginalized youths. 

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