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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation

In France:
40, avenue Hoche
75008 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 44 21 87 39
[email protected]

Foundation Guide - Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation


The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is focused on funding projects in two areas vital to human improvement: food and art.

The foundation believes that food is essential for sustenance in life, and art is indispensible when it comes to nourishing the mind. underprivileged sections of society with access to opportunities to gain educational and life skills that will help them succeed in the future.

The Foundation has two operational bases – one in France and one in Spain.

Supported Causes

  • Sustainable food systems and diets
  •  Art in the community

Every project requesting funding has to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Neutrality – The project has to be general project without affiliation with religious or political organizations.
  • Usefulness – The project has to be in response to something badly needed.
  • Feasibility – The project has to be realistic and cost effective.
  • Sustainability – The project has to have a positive impact even over a short time.
  • Environmental registration – The project has to be well established.


Award programs in the two key areas of food and art have individual objectives, and each objective has its own terms of project selection and funding.

In the area of food programs include advocacy, research, international solidarity, sustainability of food systems and food against exclusion.

Objectives in the area of art include art and the critical faculty, art for the culturally excluded, art and education, art and science, arts and crafts and art and international solidarity.

Projects funded under the sustainable food systems and diets objective include:

  • Nutrición sin fronteras – Barcelona comparteix el menjar, 2015
  • World Wide Fund For Nature, 2014
  • Zero Waste France, 2014
  • Call for projects in the “Ecosystems, Agriculture, and Diets” category, 2013
  • Au Ras du Sol, 2014
  • Bioversity International, 2012
  • Call for project “Susfood”, 2013
  • Campus Condorcet, 2012

Projects funded under the art in the community objective include:

  • Ping – Artlabo, 2015
  • Proyecto LÓVA, 2015
  • Quartier Rouge – La Petite Agence Mobile, 2015
  • Opéra de Lyon – Des artistes à l’école, 2014
  • Macba – Expressart / emisferio derecho, 2013
  • Le Bal – La Fabrique du Regard, 2013
  • Le Louvre – Le Louvre à l’hôpital, 2013
  • Macba – Expressart / Hemisferio derecho, 2013

The Foundation's History

Founded in 2010, in memory of the late Daniel Carasso, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was created under the guidance of the Fondation de France. It is managed by an executive director who is supported by several committees including an executive committee and a finance committee.

Daniel was the founder of Danone, a family organization independent of the food company, and Nina was his wife. He was born in Greece to Spanish parents. His father became friends with a Nobel Prize winning professor specializing in immune systems and made it his mission to find a cure for food allergies. Daniel created a yogurt made from fermented milk and started marketing it through pharmacies as a helpful cure for stomach ailments. He followed in his father’s footsteps and eventually expanded the business over several countries. Daniel passed away in 2009, 90 years after his father first started producing yogurts in his small factory.

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