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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

The Elton John AIDS Foundation

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Elton John Aids Foundation


The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) provides funding for programs on a global scale that provide relief for people living with HVI/AIDS and those at risk of contracting the disease. “No one is left behind – creating an AIDS-free future” is the organization’s mission.

Supported Causes

    The Elton John AIDS Foundation works in two distinct regions: its London-based branch provides funding for frontline programs in Africa, Asia and Europe, while the New York based branch provides funding for programs in both North and South America and the Caribbean.

Both the New York and London foundations provide funding and grants in the following areas:

  • HIV Prevention Programs
    (Developing innovative and effective education programs across all age groups and ethnicity to reach as many people about the preventable nature of HIV/AIDS)
  • Discrimination and Stigma Programs
    (Working with key organisations and providing funding for frontline programs to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and to combat the discrimination and often physical violence against HIV/AIDS sufferers)
  • Direct Treatment Programs
    (Providing funding for programs that provide direct care and treatment of HIV/AIDS on a global scale with a specific focus on developing nations and disadvantaged communities)

provides funding for programs and organizations in the following areas:

  • Gay men’s mobilization for health: to provide HIV services to gay men and promote education and advocacy programs with a focus on gay men’s health
  • Youth mobilization for health: funding for programs on sexual health and HIV prevention
  • Black community mobilization for health: funding provided for black community based programs to include education on sexual health, social programs and advocacy for HIV testing as well as access to health care and medical treatment
  • Ending injection-related HIV transmission: funding for frontline programs as well as policy change programs to help eradicate the transmission of HIV through injection drug use
  • Access to healthcare for ex-offenders: Funding for programs that actively address the issue of HIV/AIDS in correctional institutions as well as providing better access to health care
  • Scale-up of government HIV programming: The Elton John AIDS Foundation supports organizations and programs that address policy change issues and government support for HIV/AIDS programs

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (London) provides funding for a diverse range of programs across Africa, Asia and Europe:[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

  • Europe: (Ukraine) Positive People’s Network – supporting the All Ukrainian Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS (AUkN) to provide healthcare services for over 15,000 people per month
  • Africa: (Zambia) Grassroot Soccer (GRS) – supporting GRS to provide interactive HIV education programs using the medium of soccer and using soccer stars to promote healthy lifestyle choices and a culture of HIV testing. With funding from the EJAF, Grassroot Soccer has expanded to Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • Asia: (Nepal) Nepali MSM and Transgender Project – funding for the Blue Diamond Society (BDS) to provide services to transgender and homosexual men in Nepal who often face discrimination and violence perpetuated by the government and police as well as within their communities. The group also works at policy change and advocacy within governmental organizations in Nepal
The EJAF (New York) funds programs within their key grantmaking areas only. Grants are awarded to non-profit organizations working in areas that have been raised as a priority by the Foundation.
Proposals may only be made using the official application form via the website. Emailed requests will not be considered.

The EJAF (London) states that all grantees must have the following criteria:
1. Not-for-Profit Organizations – no grants are made to individuals2. In a listed country in Africa, Europe or Asia
3. Work in areas that are fall under the key priorities of the Foundation Grants Programs are divided into two distinct areas:

Vulnerable Populations:

a. Pioneer Grants: grants that support a specific initiative focusing on an individual key population. Pioneer grant applications must be submitted online via the Foundation website.

b. Flagship Programs: grants for programs that support a vulnerable group through a number of related initiatives within a country. Flagship programs are by invitation only.

2. Large Scale & Grass Roots Programs: applications are by invitation only and organisations must be working in the area and at scale before applying.

The Robert Key Memorial Fund: this fund was started in memory of Robert Key MBE (1947-2009), who was a co-founder of the London Elton John AIDS Foundation. It is open for application all year round to organizations that can show an immediate and tangible benefit to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.


The Elton John AIDS Foundation (London) has provided support for over 1372 programs and organizations with a total grant amount of £86 million.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (New York) provides grants in excess of $7 million per year to programs across the Americas with a specific focus on the Southern US states and the Caribbean.

The EJAF also worked to raise funding of over $151 million for the Global Fund for TB, AIDS and Malaria to benefit the organization further.
Top Grantees include:

  • Women With A Vision
  • HarborPath
  • Pride
  • EJAF Grantees in Haiti
  • Treatment Action Group
  • Syringe Exchange Programs

The Foundation's History

Founded by Sir Elton John, the Elton John AIDS Foundation was first established in the United States in 1992, and a year later in the United Kingdom. The organizations exist as separate entities pursuing separate goals and grant making partnerships, but operate under the same ethos and mission statement. Today the EJAF is considered one of the largest and a leading organization working in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness, advocacy, treatment programs and education.
The EJAF was inspired by the life and death of Sir Elton’s friend Ryan White who became a National Spokesman for HIV/AIDS after he was expelled from middle school due to his infection.

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