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Foundation Guide - The Girls Foundation of Tanzania


The Girls Foundation of Tanzania’s mission is to educate girls in Tanzania to become informed and empowered leaders in their local communities. The Foundation hopes to help provide access to high-quality educational opportunities to young girls who are passionate about bringing meaningful changes to their lives and also hope to help affect positive change in the lives of others.

The Foundation’s activities are based in Tanzania, Africa.

Supported Causes

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania offers support to smart young women who have the abilities but not the means to continue their education beyond primary school. The Foundation’s support covers areas that help each girl achieve her educational goals and eventually reach her full potential. This includes learning opportunities outside the classroom, scholarships, internships, career guidance, and access to medical assistance.

All projects funded by The Girls Foundation of Tanzania are focused on the educational need of young girls in Tanzania.


The Foundation is mainly engaged in the following programs:

  • The Enrichment Program – A three-week program conducted at The Girls Center twice a year, in June and December during school vacations. The program is designed to nurture a love for learning and to improve creativity and critical thinking skills, which is typically underdeveloped. The Enrichment Program is the Foundation’s core project.
  • Leadership Workshops – During every Enrichment Program, the students participate in a Leadership Workshop. The workshop runs over five intensive days during which students engage in activities like brainstorming, speaking up in groups, role-playing, future mapping, and debating. Presenters at the workshops give talks on topics like financial literacy, public speaking, climate change, the environment, and reproductive health.
  • Gap Year Program – Throughout secondary and high school, there are periods of time when students don’t attend school. This downtime causes a major loss of learning as girls would typically help with cleaning, cooking, and caring for younger children around the house. The Gap Year Program offers girls the option to stay at The Girls Center where they study, partake in volunteer work, or do internships. The program includes a computer course.
  • The Little Library – This project involves providing girls who are in 1st to 7th grade with an after-school program free of charge. This gives them a quiet place to study away from crowded classrooms. The Little Library has a collection of books and is overseen by a Montessori teacher.

The Foundation's History

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania was founded in 2010 with the goal of partnering with female students from secondary school all the way through to university to strengthen their academic success and ensure they achieve their full potential. The Foundation’s principal officer is Nano Chatfield.