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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Global Partnership for Education

c/o World Bank
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The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is the world’s only charitable organization dedicated to education in developing nations. GPE helps these countries tackle common challenges in the education sector through financial support, knowledge sharing, and technical capacity improvement.

The Global Partnership for Education’s vision is that every child in the world will have a quality education. As such, the organization’s mission is to invest in partnerships to help education systems in poorer countries evolve.

The organization believes that no child should be left behind. As a fund and a partnership, GPE brings together unique tools, resources, and assets geared to accelerate transformative change.

Supported Causes

GPE helps governments of developing countries improve education by developing plans. The organization focuses on countries with the greatest needs, where children are most often left behind. This includes children, such as girls, children who have disabilities, and children affected by poverty and conflict.

To transform education and create lasting change, GPE endeavors to effect systemic change that will help deliver education to marginalized children while raising academic levels as well as supporting their ability to adapt to change and withstand shocks.


To create sustainable change, GPE partners with lower-income countries to help governments advance learning and teaching conditions and opportunities. Projects include fundraising for financial backing and scaled solutions for some of the poorest nations. GPE is mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Early education
  • Education in crisis
  • Inclusive education
  • Learning assessments
  • Teaching quality
  • Data systems
  • Gender equality

GPE mobilizes initiatives that raise funds from private and public sources across the globe while encouraging partners in developing countries to make sufficient domestic financing available so that all children’s basic education needs can be an attainable goal.

In the past decade, GPE invested over USD 4.6 billion into the education sector of selected developing countries. GPE makes grants available that bolster education systems to make it possible for them to achieve equality and boost quality learning.

When partner countries go through politically unstable times, GPE addresses urgent needs by adapting projects to allow increased flexibility and faster response times. The goal is to help countries restore education systems as fast as possible while laying the foundation of projects that will ultimately meet long-term educational requirements.

The Foundation's History

GPE was launched in 2002 as a funding platform and multi-stakeholder partnership. The launch’s goal was to dramatically increase the number of children receiving an education by bringing developing countries and supporting international organizations, donors, foundations, teacher organizations, and the private sector.

In 2020, GPE announced a new Global Goal for education which calls for equitable, inclusive, quality education for all by the year 2030. The strategic plan for the next five years includes actionable objectives and goals.

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