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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Guide Dogs of America

Guide Dogs of America|Tender Loving Canines

13445 Glenoaks Boulevard
Sylmar, CA 91342
Phone: (818) 362-5834
Email: [email protected]



Guide Dogs of America|Tender Loving Canines (GDA|TLC) is a registered nonprofit organization with a mission to transform lives through partnerships with service dogs. It breeds, raises, and trains guide dogs for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, and service dogs for veterans and children with autism. These highly skilled canines become trusted companions that provide new opportunities for greater independence, enhanced mobility, and social interaction.

Supported Causes

Based in Los Angeles, GDA|TLC assists a variety of individuals and organizations across the USA and Canada. In addition to guide and service dogs, it also provides facility dogs to support vulnerable populations in schools, residential care settings, hospitals and courtrooms.

Guide and service dog recipients are not charged any fees for a professionally trained, highly qualified, expertly matched service dog, a personalized residential training program of up to 21 days with room, meals and travel expenses provided, and veterinary care. GDA|TLC also strives to maintain the lifelong bonding and success of a team through follow-up care with telephone support, further training, boarding services and advocacy in matters of access and compliance.

GDA|TLC relies on donations from private individuals, groups and companies to fund its work. The total cost to breed, raise and train a guide or service dog and provide the residential training program for the dog and its new partner is approximately $60,000.

The Foundation's History

Over 70 years ago, 57-year-old Joseph Jones wanted a guide dog for his mobility needs but was declined by many organizations due to his age. He approached the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) for assistance, and the IAMAW Executive Council endorsed the founding of International Guiding Eyes – a guide dog school with a policy of no age discrimination. Since then, under the name of Guide Dogs of America, that organization has matched thousands of blind or visually impaired people with highly skilled guide dog partners.

In January 2020, Guide Dogs of America (GDA) merged with Tender Loving Canines (TLC), expanding its operations to include service dogs and facility dogs.

Projects and Programs

Guide dogs for the visually impaired improve mobility and safety, bringing new opportunities to compete in the workforce, participate in community activities and travel.

Service dogs for veterans provide mobility assistance, respond to triggers and physiological symptoms of stress, reduce isolation and generally help their partners gain greater independence and reintegration into society.

Service dogs for children with autism help improve communication abilities and social engagement, while assisting with daily living activities and performing interrupting and grounding behaviors when needed to decrease anxiety and stress levels.

Facility dogs are trained to do specific, skilled tasks in a variety of different situations with multiple clients at all stages of life. They can increase engagement in classrooms for special needs children, support crime victims in court during the distressing experience of a trial, facilitate patients in rehabilitation programs and support end of life care in hospitals and hospices.

GDA|TLC’s prison training program helps meet the increasing demand for service dogs while providing an opportunity for education, rehabilitation, and community improvement within the prison system. In addition to the unique training benefits of being raised in a prison environment, the experience of training and bonding with a dog can be life-changing for the incarcerated trainer.

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