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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Independent Living Association (ILA)

Independent Living Association (ILA)

110 York Street,
4th Floor, 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Foundation Guide - Independent Living Association


The Independent Living Association focuses on high-quality, independent living. The organization’s headquarters are located in New York, with branches throughout the United States. 

The association’s mission is to provide shelter and homes for those coping with developmental disabilities and those who thrive in settings similar to those found in group homes. The initiative’s goal is more than providing a place for people to live together. Instead, they want to encourage individuals to become self-sufficient and teach them the skills necessary while providing the greatest possible medical attention to those requiring it.

Supported Causes

The organization funds various community-based initiatives, including housing and community engagement programs. These causes center on the primary concept of ensuring that the people who require the environments provided by group homes receive the benefits that are available from these homes.

The residents of these houses enjoy the advantages of living in collaborative situations. It allows them to lead lives as close to normal as possible while requiring as little monitoring from landlords as possible. It creates an unprecedented balance between caring for themselves and being cared for in their lives.

The Foundation's History

The association was established in 1985 as a residential haven for those requiring long-term and lifelong care in residential and community-based homes. It was based on the teachings of John P. Welch

The project’s ideology was that ILA would become their home for the rest of their lives. The project began with one home and has evolved into several chapters across the US with more than 35 group homes. 

Projects and Programs

The foundation is responsible for several noteworthy projects; these projects form the core of its ethos and make it feasible for its residents to live freely and as effectively as possible while also providing a stable base of support.

Residential Services

This project aims to make it possible for everyone to live in an environment that is both supportive and free from danger. These homes provide various services, including direct support and care under supervision. Every atmosphere ensures both security and room for personal development within the community. It helps residents to develop their self-reliance one step at a time.

Day Habilitation 

Intending to foster independence while fostering socialization, Day Habilitation is a program that helps people with disabilities improve their day-to-day living by providing opportunities for skill development, recreational activities, and workshop participation. The program provides participants with more options for independence and interaction. The goal is to improve participants’ sense of belonging, motivation, and self-worth by providing opportunities such as job experience, workshops, and pre-vocational training settings.

Community Habilitation

Individuals are cared for around the clock as part of the Community Habilitation program, which aims to foster the growth of particular capabilities and requirements. Individuals can improve their skill sets at any level through the Community Habilitation Program, which offers individualized support services when required.

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