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Foundation Guide - John DV Salvador Foundation


The John D.V. Salvador Foundation (JDVSF) works to give children the future they deserve, despite being orphans and/or living in difficult conditions such as poverty, disabilities or abuse. JDVSF believes that it is crucial to see and develop children’s potential and give them the opportunities to do so in a safe environment. When children don’t have parents to turn to, their unique abilities and talents may never be developed or brought to their full potential. The foundation does its work through promoting, supporting, and funding programming for these children. JDVSF’s goal is to have a profound effect on their lives overall including their quality of life.

JDVSF was founded in memory of John David Vincent Salvador who was tragically killed at the age of 14. JDVSF aims to give all children the opportunity to live life to its fullest, something that John didn’t have the chance to do.

The John D.V. Salvador Foundation operates across the Philippines.

Supported Causes

Supporting orphans and other children without support systems to live up to their potential.
Partnerships with local organizations to serve at-risk communities.
The belief that children need a strong support system to thrive and therefore need accurate and appropriate programming.
The belief that children grow up they have the potential to make a difference in their local communities.

The John D.V. Salvador Foundation encourages donations and funding from corporate and private sponsors looking to change the lives of children immediately. The foundation has had one major project to date.


St. Martin de Porres Children’s Village & Centro Salvador Halfway House- As of 2016, JDVSF has raised over 1.8 million USD to support at risk children in St. Martin de Porres located in Bulacan, Philippines. The original funding was intended to build a Children’s Village but was eventually expanded to housing facilities. The new Halfway House provides services including housing and support for St. Martin de Porres alumni in Manila. This is the first major project of the foundation and has been expanded to focus on poverty.

The Foundation's History

JDVSF was founded in 2005 in memory of John David Vincent Salvador. Salvador was born in New York City in 1968 to Filipino immigrants. John was an adventurous and happy child who loved the outdoors. He was also a good student who worked various jobs during his school days. He was killed tragically at the age of 14 on February 20, 1993 by a drunk driver. The foundation was founded in his honor, by his sister Lizelle, in order to help children reach the potential that John never reached.

The foundation is supported by various donors including multiple donors that have contributed every year since its conception in 2005. The majority of funding comes from the United States but the foundation also has significant contributors in Europe and Asia.