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The KenGen Foundation was registered in the year 2012 as a corporate trust by the Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd PLC (KenGen PLC) for purposes of carrying out corporate social investment activities in the Eastern Africa region where the company has operations. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose activities are wholly philanthropic and public. It is registered under a Deed of Trust and Certificate of Incorporation under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act Chapter 164. It is governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by MD & CEO Mrs. Rebecca Miano and managed by a Managing Trustee Mr. Anthony Igecha.

The Foundation mission states as follows:
“Dedicated to conserving nature for sustainable livelihoods, while our vision is to transform Eastern Africa communities through sustainable environmental initiatives. The values of the Foundation are; Innovation, Integrity, Team Spirit and Compassion”

Established to serve as the philanthropic arm of KenGen PLC, the Foundation is mandated to turn ‘short-term one-off’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects into – Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects to achieve long term sustainability by up-scaling as well as increasing and diversifying resources available to achieve greater impact.

The rationale for undertaking environmental conservation and community development projects is based on the parent company’s belief in:

  1. Recognizing the impact of power plants’ installations on communities and the environment
  2. Being a responsible Corporate Citizen who gives back by working with communities to add value to their livelihoods
  3. Being responsible for building and nurturing long-term relationships for an enabling work environment.

Supported Causes

The KenGen Foundation has supported three main causes and four secondary causes. Its main causes are education, environment, and water/sanitation. Its secondary causes are health, economic empowerment, humanitarian aid, and sports/culture.

Funded Projects

  • Education – The KenGen Foundation is committed to creating academic opportunities for local students to form a competent and trained workforce that will bolster the economy. To achieve this, the Foundation provides a range of scholarships and mentorship programs to both High school and University students. Since the KenGen Education Scholarship program was started in 2005, over 800 students have been awarded scholarships. Besides, all students since the year 2015 have gone through the annual mentorship program where student’s academics and life skills are sharpened. The Mentorship program has also trained 25 KenGen staff members to be part of the student coaching program that guides students. These staff mentors now volunteer their time and resources to help guide local students in their studies.
  • Environment – Committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, the KenGen Foundation has made several long-term investments into conservation programs. The Foundation’s main initiative is the Schools’ Green Initiative Challenge. Working in collaboration with key principal partners Better Globe Forestry and Bamburi Cement, supported by the Ministry Of Education, Kenya Forestry Services and National Environment Management Authority, the objective of the challenge is to provide a tree cover in more than 500 acres within 10 years in the semi-arid counties in Kenya. This will not only help combat climate change but also provide wood fuel and alternative income opportunities for locals.
  • Water and Sanitation – The KenGen Foundation runs several notable water projects, including the installation of water tanks in schools and the construction of abolition blocks.
  • Humanitarian- The Foundation has participated in local and National humanitarian activities that have supported Kenyans from vulnerable communities, this includes but not limited to; Covid-19 pandemic National Funding and mobilizing free Medical camps in various communities across the country in partnership with National and regional hospitals.

Foundation's History

The KenGen Foundation was launched by Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) with the aim of targeting communities surrounding the 25 power stations controlled by KenGen. These rural communities are marginalized and heavily reliant on rain-fed economic activities to survive. KenGen Foundation’s activities are overseen by KenGen Managing Director Mrs. Rebecca Miano, the chairperson of the board of trustees.


KenGen Foundation Chair

Mrs. Rebecca Miano, the Foundation chair sits as a Board member in both local and international organizations of repute. This includes but not limited to; World Bank Group Advisory Council on Gender and Development & UN global compact network Kenya.