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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Kids In Need Foundation

Kids In Need Foundation

2719 Patton Rd
MN 55113
Phone: +1-612-465-0135
Email: [email protected]

Foundation Guide - Kids In Need Foundation


The Kids In Need Foundation believes that every child in America should have the same rights and opportunities, including access to quality education. This requires deconstructing the opportunity gap, whereby kids with different circumstances prevent them from achieving their full potential.  

The organization partners with students and teachers in under-resourced schools and provide the support needed for children to receive an education. The foundation believes that equity is a critical social investment for children. It gives them a more profound knowledge about the world around them and provides the perspective for them to feel empowered enough to make wise decisions about their futures. 

Supported Causes

The Kids In Need Foundation supports projects that combat the opportunity gap so that children can receive the same opportunities regardless of their race, zip code, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

The Foundation's History

The Kids In Need Foundation was launched in 1995 in Minnesota, United States. Since then, the organization has established several signature programs and 42 resource centers nationwide. They have helped children in need with products worth over $1 billion and provide more than $100 million in resources every year. 

For nearly three decades, the Kids In Need Foundation has helped over five million students and more than 200,000 teachers. You can help the organization to continue helping children and teachers with regular donations. Donate to the Kids In Need Foundation here.


Some of the Kids In Need Foundation’s most significant projects are:

Supply A Teacher

This project works with partners and donors who provide funding for essential school supplies to teachers in underserved schools. The teachers distribute critically-required learning resources and supplies to their students. Partners and donors have the option to fund a teacher, a school, or an area. 

Supply A Student

This initiative gives a student in need a backpack that contains school supplies. Individual donors can support students in this way, or groups and companies can join forces to do fundraising, host backpack-building events, or adopt an underserved school. 

Second Responder

This project helps students and teachers with supplies if they’ve been affected by natural disasters. The Kids In Need Foundation works with schools, sponsors, and local authorities to help children return to their educational routines with the necessary tools as soon as possible. 

National Network of Resource Centers

The Kids In Need Foundation works with 42 partner organizations across the country to provide essential school supplies to underserved students, teachers, and schools. The project focuses on schools with a high percentage of children signed up for the National School Lunch Program. 

Every Teacher, Every Day (ETED)

This initiative provides teachers nationwide with a searchable resource library and a supportive and safe community space. It’s a free resource for all educators who can search for activities, lesson plans, and other content.

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