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 The Lacey Family Foundation

The Lacey Family Foundation

73 Worth Street, Suite 5F
New York  NY 10013

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Foundation Guide - Lacey Family Foundation


The Lacey Family Foundation is a non-profit that provides multiple-year grants to non-profit organizations that promote and offer animal-assisted therapy and care. The foundation was established in 2014 by the Lacey family in New York, United States. 

The Lacey Family Foundation believes in the powerful bond between humans and animals and how it can help heal the body, mind, and soul. As such, the foundation’s mission is to support non-profit organizations that provide animal-assisted physical, emotional, and mental health therapy. 

The foundation’s vision is to capitalize on their knowledge of how such therapies are invaluable to improving physical, emotional, and mental well-being to improving lives in wonderful ways.

Impact and Achievements

The Lacey Family Foundation has made significant progress in its mission to promote animal-assisted therapy. Since its inception, the foundation has supported various organizations and continues to do so with multiple-year grants. 

With the generous support of The Lacey Family Foundation, organizations like Pet Partners, Pets For Vets, The Good Dog Foundation, and others can continue working with animals and people in a therapeutic setting. 

Programs and Activities

The Lacey Family Foundation supports the following organizations:

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs is an organization that provides testing, registration, certification, insurance, and other support for people with dogs who volunteer in animal-assisted activities. The organization has been active for over three decades and offers low-cost memberships to make animal-assisted therapy accessible to all. 

The Good Dog Foundation

The Good Dog Foundation helps children and adults struggling with trauma events like disaster, disability, and disease heal through animal-assisted interventions. 

Hand 2 Paw

Hand 2 Paw is an organization that provides internships and job training to at-risk youth who are tasked with helping to improve the lives of shelter animals, while receiving mental and emotional healing through their interactions.

Horses Healing Humans

Horses Healing Humans is a charity that uses equine-assisted therapy and activities to help people with emotional, physical, and mental challenges heal and find peace.

Pets For Vets

The Pets For Vets organization helps military veterans to connect with rescued animals. The goal is to help them forge a bond that will help create new beginnings for the veteran and the animal. 

The Barn at Spring Brook Farm

The Barn at Spring Brook Farm is a venue that hosts animal-assisted activities for children with disabilities. The barn opened in 2005 and continues to be a space where children with disabilities and their families can find peace and enrichment through interactions with farm animals. 

Pet Partners

Pet Partners help people work with therapy animals to improve health. The organization provides training for animals and handlers.  


The Lacey Family Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting animal-assisted therapy for improved health and well-being. The organization supports diverse communities in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, making multiple-year grants available to organizations that have achieved measurable and sustainable growth. The goal is to create awareness and understanding of animal therapy’s health benefits and make it accessible to those who need it. 

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