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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Miriam Foundation

The Miriam Foundation

5703, rue Ferrier,
QC, H4P 1N3 

Foundation Guide - Miriam Foundation


The foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and take an active role in procuring a better life for children and adults with intellectual disabilities (ID), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or neurodevelopmental disorders. The foundation believes that everyone deserves the proper support.

Supported Causes

The foundation supports four main causes in its mission to bring awareness to the public while actively revolutionizing care for those in need. 

  • Intervention – Through the application of a variety of techniques, The Miriam Foundation provides an extensive selection of intervention protocols. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), specifically Verbal Behavior (VB) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), to teach new and adaptive skills and reduce challenging behaviors to improve the quality of life of an individual.
  • Innovation – As the field’s foremost authority, The Miriam Foundation provides hands-on training to organizations that support individuals with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders by utilizing the most recent research, experts, and professionals.
  • MateriaTech – The number one belief is that resources are essential to the procedure. These resources can be utilized to educate, rehabilitate, and enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Residential – Neurodevelopmental disability sufferers have constantly changing needs. The Miriam Foundation operates and maintains seventeen group homes for individuals with special needs. These group homes provide direct care that includes support workers, guidance, and support, as well as compassion and a safe environment for residents.

The Foundation's History

The foundation was established in 1973 by a group of people who felt that children with neurodevelopmental disorders deserve a life beyond its taboo status. They began the foundation to ensure that children living with these conditions are included in society and get the proper help they need. 

Projects and Programs

The foundation has several notable projects to raise awareness and funds and drive change within the field. These projects raise more than just awareness for the cause. The most notable are: 

Lori Black Memorial Golf Tournament 

This event has been held annually at Hillsdale Golf & Country Club for over 55 years, making it Canada’s longest-running charitable golf tournament. The foundation has enjoyed many years of success under the outstanding leadership of Herb Black, whose daughter is honored by the tournament’s name. 

Art Auction For Autism

This project aims to raise funds for the foundation to continue toward its goals. The auction was created ten years ago by dedicated individuals who wanted to help the Miriam Foundation’s clients and services. This committee has acquired artwork from local, Canadian, and international artists who have kindly contributed their work, enabling them to raise more than $1 million thus far.

Third-Party Events 

The Miriam Foundation has been placed at the center of various fundraising initiatives by the numerous supporters of the cause.

Throughout its existence, the foundation has received numerous third-party fundraising efforts bolstered by independent projects and associated groups. One such third-party event is My Big Fat Greek Fundraiser 3.

Challenge VP

The National Bank Financial Vo-Dignard Provost Wealth Management Group launched a unique method of fundraising that did not require physical presence, facilitating a virtual auction. The futuristic charitable effort provides several never-before-seen rewards and a novel fund-raising approach.

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