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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

National Disaster Relief Foundation

PO Box 26471, Gwynn Oak, MD 21207
(410) 944-0992
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The National Disaster Relief Foundation was launched to help families recover from disaster. The foundation’s mission is to raise funds to give direct monetary relief to people who lost their homes and worldly belongings due to natural occurrences like floods, fires, and earthquakes. 

The funding helps offset the costs incurred by items not covered by insurance companies and other organizations. The National Disaster Relief Foundation is committed to giving 90% of every donation received directly to people who have lost their homes.

Supported Causes

The National Disaster Relief Foundation believes that the best approach to charity is straightforward and efficient. It is crucial to ensure that every contribution makes an immediate impact. As such, the foundation supports anybody who has lost a home due to natural disasters. 

The foundation focuses on helping people who suffered losses, those who were displaced, and people who are uninsured or underinsured. Part of the strategy is to work alongside nonprofit organizations that function in communities impacted by natural disasters. The goal of this collaboration is to identify where the money is needed most and get it there.


One of the National Disaster Relief Foundation’s most significant projects is the Almeda Fire Relief initiative. After a devastating fire destroyed over 2,000 homes as it ripped through Oregon in September 2020, the National Disaster Relief Foundation set a goal of raising $40,000 to help as many of the affected families as possible. The foundation distributed the funds as a stipend to people who most needed it, with no strings attached. 

The Wild Relief Music Festival

To raise funds for people affected by the Almeda Fire, the National Disaster Relief Foundation organized the Wild Relief Music Festival, a weekend-long benefit concert. The festival featured artists including Kevin Carr, Juniper & the Wolf, The Brothers Reed, Fox & Bones, Rutendo Marimba Band, and Alice DiMicele. It took place in several beautiful venues around the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. 

Local businesses worked with the National Disaster Relief Foundation to make this event possible. Some collaborators included Grizzly Peak Winery, EdenVale Winery, Jackson Wellsprings, the Black Sheep Pub and Restaurant, and the Ashland Armory.

The Foundation's History

Clinton Pipkin launched the National Relief Foundation in May 2014 after spending decades helping families and communities to recover after disasters. Pipkin realized that there were better and more compassionate ways to spend the money raised in relief funding efforts. Clinton, his wife Susanna, and daughter Staci work together to run the organization. 

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