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 Zaklada Novo Sutra (The New Tomorrow Foundation)

Zaklada Novo Sutra (The New Tomorrow Foundation)

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Foundation Guide - Novo Sutra


Zaklada Novo Sutra (The New Tomorrow Foundation) is a Croatian non-profit organization dedicated to developing a healthier society by encouraging corporate social responsibility and addressing challenges at the grassroots level. Novo Sutra believes that altering people’s living conditions will address society’s problems. Through scholarships, leadership abilities, and good acts, the foundation has contributed to developing a more humane society for the future.

Supported Causes

Novo Sutra’s ethos comprises the belief that young people can only fulfill their potential when they have the resources to do so. By helping to provide resources, it’s possible to build a more humane and healthier future. 

All supported causes cover the following three pillars: 

  • Scholarships
  • Humanness
  • Heritage 

The foundation focuses on scholarships for those in need, promoting humanness by supporting local organizations, encouraging good deeds, and keeping a solid foundation in heritage by enabling heritage projects. 

Students from the counties in the Slavonia region are eligible to apply for a Novo Sutra scholarship. Distance learners are also welcome to apply; due to the higher living costs they incur while studying away from home.

Numerous students in the fields of natural sciences (mathematics, physics, and chemistry), technical sciences (electrical engineering, computing, mining, oil and geological engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering), and social sciences (economics) have received financial support from Zaklada Novo Sutra.

The specifics of each scholarship, such as the type of study offered and the number of available slots, are determined by separate tenders and can vary from year to year.

The Foundation's History

Zaklada Novo Sutra was launched in 2016 by Pavao Vujnovac, owner of ENNA Group, one of Croatia’s fastest-growing companies and the parent company of PPD, ENNA Logic, ENNA Transport, and ENNA Fruit. 

Vujnovac actively promotes corporate social responsibility throughout his firms, including ENNA Group’s considerable investment in programs for children and young people, as well as several companies in the group sponsoring various sports teams.

Projects and Programs

The foundation has several notable projects to create humaneness and an improved society, including:

Children’s Homes and SOS Children’s Villages

Zaklada Novo Sutra committed to covering the costs of gas and electricity for 16 children’s homes and SOS Children’s Villages in Croatia during the 2022/23 heating season. Contracts amounted to over EUR 664,000 (approx. US$712,000.) 

Some of the children’s homes include Tič children’s home from Rijeka, Zagreb Children’s Home in Nazorova, and Ladimirevci and Lekenik SOS Children’s Villages. The sizable donations cover bills as well as helping with installing heat pumps, solar panels, and other heating equipment. 

In addition to helping children’s homes and SOS Children’s Villages with heating, Zaklada Novo Sutra also helps children who were affected by the earthquake in Banovina in 2020. The children, who are residents of Vrbina Children’s Home or receive assistance from social welfare centers in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina receive help with schooling and with other aspects of their lives after most of their homes were destroyed or severely damaged. 

Mali Zmaj (Little Dragon)

For years, the Mali Zmaj project has connected children in need with those who can assist them. The project continuously identifies permanent donors, including private individuals and businesses who can systematically help one or more children.

Through the project, approximately 270 children currently have permanent donors.

Since each child has different needs, families receive individualized amounts of assistance. Permanent donors ensure that the children receive gifts for their birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, as well as packages of school equipment and accessories. Some donors also pay for the children’s school snacks, transportation, and other essential expenses. Some recipients receive food shipments monthly.

Ne Mogu Vam Reći, Ali Mogu Vam Pokazati (I Cannot Tell You But I Can Show You)

This project uses assistive technology to enable students with intellectual, motor, and speech impairments to express their daily personal requirements and ease contact with instructors. Tablets, special tables, and tablet-adjustable stands are made possible by a donation of HRK 50,000.00 (approx. US$7,000.)

Science Plants, The Future Builds – STEM Labs 

This project secured equipment worth HRK 300,000.00 (approx. US$ 4,250) to enhance curricular and extracurricular activities in several subjects such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics, and technical culture.

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