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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

 Novo Nordisk Foundation

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Tuborg Havnevej 19
2900 Hellerup
Phone: + 45 35 27 66 00
Email: [email protected]

Foundation Guide - Novo Nordisk Foundation


The Novo Nordisk Foundation is a Danish organization with a mission to advance human health and societal sustainability worldwide through various programs and generous grants. The foundation aims to improve lives through education, health and knowledge—the Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on respect, quality, and commitment.

Supported Causes

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports various projects and initiatives focused on health, sustainability and science. The foundation believes that cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and infectious diseases threaten public health worldwide and supports causes that combat these health issues. 

The foundation also supports causes that work towards solving the climate crisis and developing future food production solutions that will sustainably feed the growing global population. 

Furthermore, the Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the cause of establishing a robust life science ecosystem as a foundation for developing new technologies that will help solve societal challenges. 

The Foundation's History

In 1922, August Krogh, a Danish professor and Nobel Prize Laureate, toured universities within the U.S. He took a detour to Canada, where three scientists had just succeeded in manufacturing insulin. Krogh negotiated permission to manufacture insulin in Nordic countries. It launched a scientific odyssey and business venture for the professor and changed the lives of thousands of people with diabetes. 

The foundation was formed to maintain the balance between science and public spirit and continue contributing significantly to research that improves health and welfare. In later years, the Novo Nordisk Foundation expanded its focus on diabetes treatment and began offering grants for social and humanitarian purposes. 


The Novo Nordisk Foundation has launched numerous successful projects in research, social projects, innovation, education and humanitarian projects. Some of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s most significant projects are:

DTU Biosustain

This research center uses data analysis and synthetic biology and biotechnology to develop greener, smarter and cheaper methods to manufacture consumer products. 


Land-CRAFT is a pioneer center for landscape research in sustainable agricultural futures. To make full use of agricultural land while reducing the impact on biodiversity, the center aims to find the best solutions for utilizing the interactions between nature and agriculture. The Novo Nordisk Foundation joined forces with Danish officials to make this project a reality. 


The Novo Nordisk Foundation pledged up to DKK 1.9 billion to this global education initiative over ten years. The foundation initially launched Life as a science education initiative but evolved into an independent business foundation after two years. The Novo Nordisk Foundation continues to support Life’s goal of strengthening youths’ science knowledge through inquiry-based science education. 

AMR Action Fund

The Novo Nordisk Foundation was part of this global initiative against antibiotic resistance. The project raised more than DKK 6 billion to develop new antibiotic patents by 2030. 

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