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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

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Foundation Guide - Rossy Foundation


The Rossy Foundation is a German non-governmental charitable organization with the goal of alleviated the suffering of the underprivileged in African countries and to help them reach their full potential.

The Rossy Foundation’s mission is to support social enterprises and initiatives that tackle social and economic issues in African countries at grassroots level. The ultimate aim is to help African communities by improving local conditions. Many African people are faced with challenges like natural disasters, communal clashes, poverty and war which drives many of them out of the continent. They attempt to escape by traveling to Europe, often in dangerous conditions where many lives are lost. Ultimately, the foundation hopes to help prevent this and create a better future for all. The foundation has six objectives:

  •  To find and fund
  • To build networks
  • To strengthen
  • To educate
  • To provide care
  • To consult

Supported Causes

The Rossy Foundation is particularly focused on causes related to improving healthcare systems for local citizens, promoting workforce development initiatives, and tackling critical gaps in educational practices.


As part of the foundation’s five-year action plan, they are in the process of launching the following programs:

  • A range of empowerment programs that boost local traders and businesses.
  • Scholarship programs that provide financial backing and materials to students in need.
  • A series of healthcare sensitization programs, educational seminars and symposiums.
  • Free surgeries for locals who are not able to afford the procedures.
  • Donation drives at medical facilities where walking aids are donated to the elderly with mobility issues.
  • Skills building initiatives that train, equip and empower locals with the goal of helping them to become independent.
  • Courtesy visits to hospitals where the underprivileged are given financial assistance for hospital bills.
  • Renovation and repairs of medical facilities that have been neglected.
  • Building schools to ensure quality education.

Some of the Rossy Foundation’s most recent projects include:

Ofekata Primary School Project

As part of the Rossy Foundation education drive, learning materials were donated to primary school pupils in Ofekata Primary School in Imo state, Nigeria.

Seminar on Working Rights 

A one day seminar held in Germany in March, 2020 in collaboration with the Ministry of Integration Koblenz.

Courtesy Visit to Asacodje of Djelibougou Hospital

Led by country director Adama Konta, the Rossy Foundation paid a courtesy visit to the hospital in Bamako, Mali.

The Foundation's History

The Rossy Foundation was launched with the goal of improving African lives. The foundation works in partnership with the Rebuild Africa Foundation and shares similar values and goals: to touch the lives of African citizens positively. The foundation continues to grow and expand its reach. It has a strong presence in West Africa in countries like Nigeria and Mali, and also in the rest of Africa in countries like Malawi.

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