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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Saby Charitable Foundation

050020, Almaty, Dostyk, 250
Phone / Fax: +7 (727) 311 29 38
Email: [email protected]

Foundation Guide - Saby Charitable Foundation


The Saby Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Kazakhstan. It is on a mission to promote public awareness of local charitable ventures and make philanthropy both effective for those benefiting from it, and attractive to potential sponsors. Dedicated to the most vulnerable population sectors, the foundation helps disabled people, and disadvantaged young people achieve a brighter and more secure future.

All programs run by the foundation are based on the belief that philanthropy should help people improve their own lives rather than presume to solve problems for them. Main areas of activity include: academic support, vocational education and medical assistance for orphaned or abandoned children and young people; financial help and enrichment for gifted children; funding and guidance for innovative business initiatives; upgrade and renovation of educational infrastructure and medical facilities

Supported Causes

  • Helping disadvantaged young people secure a brighter future through education and professional training
  • Improving subsidized transport and general access for people with disabilities
  • Sports development
  • Raising funds for underprivileged children who need medical treatment abroad
  • Supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurs and business innovators
  • Strengthening existing social and educational facilities by providing high quality training and upgrading their physical infrastructure.

All programs funded by the Saby Charitable Foundation focus on uplifting Kazakh society, healthcare and economy. The Saby team selects partners and projects at their discretion, guided by the foundation’s values and the needs of their target audiences. Anyone interested in receiving or providing support through the Saby Foundation can read more and make contact via the foundation’s website.


  • The Alem Program supports gifted children and young people, in a wide variety of fields, and helps them realize their potential
  • The Education Project helps young people who grew up as orphans achieve a tertiary education
  • The Medical Project aims to improve Kazakhstan’s medical system by providing better equipment and advanced training for medical staff
  • Give Life to Children raises funds to take sick children abroad for medical treatments that are not possible in Kazakhstan
  • A Decent Life for Disabled People helps people with disabilities integrate into society by upgrading the public infrastructure to better suit their needs
  • The Youth Program helps young people who grew up in orphanages and boarding schools start their independent lives by offering training courses, employment opportunities, and affordable apartments
  • Sport-Health Achievements increases access to sports and exercise for young disadvantaged children
  • Orkendeu is dedicated to building and renovating schools, playgrounds and housing facilities for underprivileged children

In addition to these programs the foundation also holds an annual competition called Build Your Business in which young entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses are invited to pitch their ideas with the goal of winning a generous non-reimbursable grant. The event was initiated by the foundation’s co-founder Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev, who also takes an active part in the selection process. Since the program’s initiation in 2013, the Saby Foundation has granted a total of more than US$1 million to over 40 participants.

The Foundation's History

The Saby Charitable Foundation was founded in 2002 by Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev and his wife Assel Imangalievna Tasmagambetova. Since it was launched, the foundation has developed a start-up competition and eight core programs – all ongoing. In 2018, the foundation’s annual budget was recorded as exceeding US$17 million. 

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