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Foundation Guide - stem4


UK-based stem4 is a charity that encourages and promotes positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them. The foundation provides mental health education, early intervention, and resilience strategies. 

The tools include:

  • Innovative digital education programs.
  • Pioneering mental health apps.
  • Clinically-informed websites.
  • Mental health conferences.

The main goal is to help young people develop and foster good mental health and support those around them while promoting early detection and signposting toward quick action and possible intervention. The foundation also encourages the debate and sharing of information through a program of conferences discussing teenage mental health.

Supported Causes

stem4 is active in several fundraising projects and programs designed to raise awareness and funding for the efforts to help teenage mental health issues. The foundation also supports people who are part of the youths’ support structure.

The Foundation's History

Dr. Nihara Krause founded stem4 on the premise that early detection, identification, and intervention would help determine the onset of long-lasting and serious teenage mental health conditions.

In 2010, a 16-year-old Merton teenager passed away after battling anorexia nervosa. Dr. Krause became involved in providing a support base for her school, friends, and family during the grieving process. She saw the effectiveness of this support and set up a charitable organization to help provide accurate, user-friendly digital forms of  mental health education to young people, family members, caregivers, teachers, and school systems.

The organization evolved into stem4, launched in June 2011. With a group of six volunteers who brought their unique and individual skills to stem4, the team focused on making a difference in mental health programs for teenagers. By 2021, stem4 had nine staff members, eight trustees, three contractors, and a host of volunteers, all committed to the mission established by Dr. Krause. In 2018, the Generations Foundation donated a central Wimbledon office to stem4 and their team to continue their invaluable service to teen mental wellbeing programs.

Projects and Programs

Youth Mental Health Day UK – September 19th

On this day each year, the foundation encourages family members, friends, and school staff to discuss mental health issues with young people across the country. It helps create awareness and combats associated stigmas.

Parent Mental Health Day UK – January 27th

On this day every year, stem4 aims to help promote the understanding and awareness of parents’ mental health. The ultimate goal is to build resilience within the family unit to better provide a support structure for youths. 

Movember – The Month of November

As part of this program, stem4 supplies information and resources for raising awareness and supporting mental health issues in young men and boys.

Challenge Events

Supporters are encouraged to partake in challenge events, including running, cycling, walking, trekking, swimming, overseas challenges, and virtual events. 


The foundation provides a range of apps, including Head Ed, Calm Harm, Clear Fear, Move Mood, and Combined Minds. The apps help youths manage symptoms of mental and emotional problems and are available free of charge.  

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