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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

The Cyborg Foundation

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Foundation Guide - The Cyborg Foundation


The Cyborg Foundation is a global organization that promotes research and projects that apply technology to the human body in order to extend or create new senses and increase range of perceptions.

The US based Cyborg Foundation has a global focus and has formed partnerships with institutions, educational facilities and governments around the world.

Supported Causes

Studies to help people living with limitations to extend their senses through the integration of technology into the body.


  • Eyeborg: allows people to perceive colors through sounds. The Eyeborg already includes infrared but plans are in place to include other spectrum’s beyond the reach of human sight including ultraviolet.
  • Cybernetic Nose: allows people to perceive smell through electromagnetic signals.
  • Speedborg: allows people to receive the speed of any object in front of them.
  • Cyborg Rights: Campaigning to governments and government departments to accept cybernetics as a part of the human body. Defending the rights of cyborgs around issues of government identification, including obtaining relevant passports and drivers licenses.
  • Cybernetic Extensions Body Parts: Raising public awareness and acceptance of cybernetic extensions as legitimate extensions of the human body.
  • Cyborgism as Art: Founder Neil Harbisson has performed color concerts, sound portraits while artworks have been exhibited in famous galleries around the world. The Cyborg Foundation has also featured in a Sundance Film Festival winning documentary.

The Cyborg Foundation does not issue grants to individuals and organizations. The foundation collaborates and works in partnership with institutions, educational facilities and government groups to drive research and development in the field of cybernetics.


Since its founding the Cyborg Foundation has undertaken several exciting projects in partnership with groups all over the world.

  • Eyeborgs for the Blind (Europe, Asia, USA) Working with blind communities and donating eyeborgs to in need individuals around the world, including in Tibet and Ecuador.
  • Sensory Extensions and Electronic Eyes (Ecuador, 2011) Ecuador’s Vice-President announced that the country would work in partnership with the Cyborg Foundation on this landmark project.
  • Cybernetic Extensions (Brazil, 2012) The Universidade de Pernambuco signed a partnership with the foundation to develop a new range of cybernetic extensions.

The Foundation's History

The Cyborg Foundation was founded in 2010 by co-founders Neil Harbisson and his partner Moon Ribas. Neil Harbisson was born achromatopsia, meaning he can only see in black and white. In 2004 Harbisson and Adam Montandon developed the Eyeborg, an antenna sensor that converted colors to sound frequencies. The antenna was connected inside Harbisson’s skull to the occipital bone. Since that point Neil Harbisson has helped humans to become cyborgs while raising public awareness and acceptance through art.

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