Tin Ka Ping Foundation

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Foundation Guide - Tin Ka Ping Foundation


Founder Tin Ka Ping believed that education was the foundational stone of China’s future. Therefore, he set a mission for his charity to improve the quality of education through the promotion of moral education, Chinese culture, and integration with the world’s civilization, as a means of contributing to China.

Supported Causes

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation supports elementary and secondary schools, universities, libraries, hospitals, youth centers, elder care programs, healthcare institutions and initiatives, cultural programs, and infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation accepts unsolicited proposals from any organization that fits within its vision and mission. Interested applicants are asked to send a one-page letter outlining its vision and mission, goals and objectives, expected outcomes and impact, evaluation methodology, and a budget.

The foundation does not have application deadlines. Proposals are reviewed by the board of directors throughout the year.

The directors look for a good match between the applicant and the foundation’s core mission and values. In addition to the above criteria, the board wants to see a demonstration of capacity, i.e. a proven history of providing services or programs. Applicants must demonstrate that there is sufficient staff to carry out the proposed project and that they have a governing body who will comply with the foundation’s monitoring and reporting requirements.

Foundation staff conduct site visits. Grantees must provide progress reports and evaluation data as soon as it is available. The Tin Ka Ping Foundation offers capacity-building support as well if it advances the project and strengthens the grantee’s ability to be successful.


Since its founding, the Foundation has provided funding for more than 1,800 libraries in rural China, 164 Tin Ka Ping secondary schools, 19 Tin Ka Ping colleges and kindergartens, 41 Tin Ka Ping primary schools, and 130 roads and bridges across China’s provinces, autonomous regions, and cities. In 2018, in celebration of Dr. Ping’s birthday, the Hong Kong University of Science was awarded an HKD 3 million donation to support its gifted education program

The Foundation's History

Dr. Tin Ka Ping founded TKP Foundation in 1982, with a focus on donating money to support charitable projects in Hong Kong, specifically toward educational initiatives. The following year, a kindergarten was named for Tin Ka Ping. Over the next few years, the TKP Foundation established three additional schools.

Dr. Ping funded his foundation with personal money, to which he added HKD 56 million in 2001 from the sale of his home. In 2009, Dr. Tin Ka Ping formalized his foundation by establishing a governing board. Two years later, he made another significant investment in the Foundation, earmarking HKD 257 million of his assets.

Dr. Tin Ka Ping was born in China in 1919. In 1935, he moved to Vietnam and founded a porcelain clay company. He left in 1935 after the Japanese invasion and relocated to Indonesia where he started a rubber business. Once in Hong Kong, he continued as an entrepreneur, ultimately becoming a very successful industrialist.