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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

The Tom Joyner Foundation

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Tom Joyner foundation


To give all students the chance to attend college. The Tom Joyner Foundation supports historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and provide programming initiatives to allow students to attend regardless of economic and social status or means.

Supported Causes

The Tom Joyner Foundation works with historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) in 20 states in the United States, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The foundation supports the promotion of HBCU institutions in the US and provides programming initiatives for students to attend college.

The Tom Joyner Foundation supports several initiatives with its core operating region:

  • Scholarships
    (Providing financial assistance for students to attend HBCU institutions)
  • HBCU Suport
    (Working with HBCU institutions to provide programming initiatives to strengthen ties with the communities and attract high caliber students)
  • Student Programs
    (Access to diverse academic initiatives to prepare, educate and inform potential HBCU students)
  • Art Programs
    (Increasing visibility and historical significance of artists who came through HBCU institutions. Encouraging the study of art, and promotion of artists through scholarship programs)



The Tom Joyner Foundation has raised over $65 million since 1998 and provided scholarships for over 29,000 students at HBCUs. 100% of funds are made available to specific colleges unless otherwise requested by the donor. Each donor may choose any of the 105 HBCUs in the US to be a recipient of their gift. 

The Tom Joyner Foundation provides support through the following programs:

All financial assistance for scholarships is awarded to HBCU institutions. The Tom Joyner Foundation does not award individual scholarships as it works with colleges and universities to support and uplift the entire community.

The Foundation supports 51 scholarships including an international Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

Each month the Hercules Scholarship is awarded for Outstanding Male Scholars at HBCU schools who form part of the Foundations School of the Month.

Fantastic Voyage:
The Tom Joyner Foundation provides support for ‘The Fantastic Voyage’, a program aimed at keeping students in HBCU schools and encouraging a culture of learning and community. This is the major fundraiser for the Tom Joyner Foundation and includes seminars and discussions with black college presidents and communities.

Art Programs:
The Tom Joyner Foundation supports several art programs at HBCU schools as well as promoting the legacy of several world renowned artists who studied at HBCU institutions.

Teacher Quality Programs:
To develop and support educators in minority schools across the USA. The Tom Joyner Foundations partners with the National Education Association (NEA) on providing programs to increase the quality of teaching and teachers at schools.

Veterans Education Program:
The Tom Joyner Foundation provides support to veterans associations across the US. In partnership with HBCUs, the foundation is able to provide education and transition services to help veterans transition more easily into home life.

Grants/Award Programs:
Hercules Scholarship: Awarded monthly to an outstanding male scholar at an HBCU that is part of the TJF school of the month program.

Full Ride Scholarship: Awarded annually to one graduating high school senior student, who has been accepted to attend an HBCU.

School of the Month: Each month an HBCU is chosen and promoted by the Tom Joyner Foundation to raise funds, awareness and educate donors on the importance of investing in HBCUs. Eleven colleges are chosen each year for this program.

The Foundation's History

Founded in 1998 by Tom Joyner, a nationally syndicated radio host. Tom Joyner comes from a strong legacy that reaches back as far as his grandfather attending an HBCU and his vision was to make education more accessible and to raise the profile and competitiveness of HBCUs in the USA.The profile of the Tom Joyner Foundation has expanded over the past 14 years to include teacher training, veterans education services and a robust investment in art and artists at HBCUs.

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