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Foundation Guide - WE Charity


WE Charity’s mission is to empower communities around the globe to lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable, holistic development.

WE Charity operates throughout the world. It places a specific emphasis on Kenya, India, Ecuador, rural China, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Nicaragua, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. The foundation also works with schools and groups in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Supported Causes

WE Charity supports a range of domestic and international programs that enables individuals and groups to help others. The foundation’s main programs include WE Villages, WE Schools, WE Day, WE Families, and WE Well-Being. Locally, WE Charity works with thousands of schools to arrange activities like food and clothing drives for homeless people as well as anti-bullying campaigns. The foundation also fund raises for causes such as children’s hospitals, water projects, and women’s shelters.

WE Charity mainly funds projects that uplift communities and improve education, water, health, food, and economic opportunity.


WE Charity’s projects include:

  • WE Schools—a project that makes free educational resources available to teachers and provides educational opportunities to students. The project is run in over 14,500 schools throughout North America and the United Kingdom.
  • WE Families—a project with the goal of turning doing good deeds into a family habit. Initiatives include volunteerism vacations, environmental projects, and more.
  • WE Well-Being—a project focused on prevention and promotion strategies to build understanding and awareness about youth mental-health issues.
  • WE Villages—a project based on five pillars used as critical components for breaking communities’ cycle of poverty. The pillars are water, food, health, education, and opportunity.
  • WE Day — a series of powerful, arena-sized events that bring schools together with top speakers and performers in order to celebrate and inspire positive change.

The Foundation's History

WE Charity was founded in 1995 by Craig Kielburger when he was only 12 years old. Kielburger read about a 12-year old boy from Pakistan who was a factory worker murdered after speaking out against child labor. Kielburger recruited a few of his classmates to establish an organization called Free the Children in order to put an end to child labor around the world. Kielburger eventually launched a variety of initiatives and wrote several books about the cause together with his brother Marc. In 2016, Free the Children was rebranded as WE Charity.