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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.

Roger & Phyllis Sherman Animal Care Complex
1354 Basse Road,
San Antonio, TX 78212
+ 1 830 336 2725
[email protected]


Headquartered in Texas, United States, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. (WWR) is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates thousands of wild animals every year. The organization also provides a permanent sanctuary for hundreds of domesticated farm animals, non-native wildlife and non-releasable indigenous animals.

The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation’s mission is to rescue wildlife to rehabilitate and release them back into the wild and also to provide permanent care and sanctuary to other animals in need. The organization’s vision is that humans will realize that we are all part of a life community and develop the necessary respect for the community as well as the compassion needed to relate to it.

Supported Causes

The Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation supports the following causes:

  • Saving, rehabilitating and caring for wildlife and other animals.
  • Taking care of feral cats.
  • Caring for homeless companion animals.
  • Educating the public about appropriate and respectful relations with wildlife and nature.


  • Wild animal sponsorship – Sponsorships of $100, $250 and $500 are available and include a photo of the animal or group sponsored, a certificate of sponsorship and a year of newsletters and interesting information about the sponsored animal/s.
  • Education – A range of educational workshops are held for community groups. Additionally, the ‘Through Animals’ Eyes’ program for schools features a DVD and other materials that teach students about avoiding human/wildlife conflicts.
  • Care and support – Native animals that have been injured, displaced or orphaned are rescued and rehabilitated. Other animals cared for include those that have been victimized by zoos, traded as wild pets or used in research. Some of these animals are rehabilitated and released into the wild. Where this is not possible they are permanently cared for in spacious natural enclosures. Animals that are typically cared for are mountain lions, black bears, monkeys and apes, various bird species and reptiles.

The Foundation's History

Founded in 1977 in Texas, United States, the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation mainly operates from a 212-acre property in Kendalia. It began as the vision of Lynn Cuny who saw many animals suffering and dying when not receiving the help they need. Cuny started the organization in her backyard. By 1980 the demand for her services had grown so much that the organization had to be moved to a four-acre site. In 1986, it once again became necessary to move and Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation set up on a 21-acre site. In 1999, a benefactor made it possible for the organization to finally purchase a 187-acre area in the Texas Hill Country nearby San Antonio. After raising funds for several years, the facility was constructed and they could move in. In 2013/2014 another 25-acres were added to the facility making it a total of 212 acres.

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