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Foundation Guide

A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation

Baizakov street 125, Almaty
+7 (727) 331 13 14
[email protected]

Foundation Guide - Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation


Yerzhan Tatishev Public Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization that would contribute to ongoing and sustainable development in Kazakhstan. The foundation seeks to be a role model for other non-profits and NGOs working in the region. The primary mission of the foundation focuses of delivering services in the following areas:

  • Social Responsibility;
  • Sustainability, Efficiency, and Quality;
  • Transparency and Justice;
  • Best Practices.

Supported Causes

Yerzhan Tatishev Public Foundation has several main areas of policy action and provide grants and support for projects in the following areas:
Educational Stipends: The foundation provides educational grants and stipends to academic achievements for students in both Kazakhstan and international institutions.
Development of Education Programs: The development and implementation of educational programs that improve educational systems in Kazakhstan and abroad
Social Program Grants: Financial support for non-profit organizations in Kazakhstan that promote the sciences, culture, other educational fields and public health.
Low Income Programs: To provide support both financial, and technical support to programs and individuals from low income areas.

The foundation provides grants based on applications which may be found on the foundation website. Cultural and social projects are identified by the board of trustees of the foundation for support.


Individual Education Grants:

  • For students in the field of finance and economics who display aptitude and talent in these fields. Students coming from low income backgrounds may apply for grants to study at Almaty Management University (ALMAU), KIMEP University, and Suleyman Demirel University (SDU). All educational grants cover the entire period of study including housing allowance and monthly stipend. The grantmaking process includes three selection rounds
  • Grants for disabled students: The foundation makes available several grants each year for disabled students to enable them to access specialized schools and universities.

Long-term Education Projects:

  • Kentau School: ongoing support for Polytechnic School №16 to ensure that high academic standards are maintained and that students go on to apply to universities and further study.
  • Seminars: The foundation provides support for ongoing educational projects that focus on economics and finance.

Cultural Projects:

  • Golden Collection of Kazakhstan Cinema was established in 2005 and is supported by the foundation. The goal of the project is to preserve the cinematic heritage of Kazakhstany filmmakers and the national heritage of cinema. Several films have been supported by the foundation, including The Cruel, Digit Girl, and My Name is Kozha.
  • “Altyn Zhyldiz” (Golden Star) is a national award for journalism supported by the foundation with the inclusion of an annual award “Alyn Turan” (Golden Turan) for the best published work in the field of economics and finance in the country.

The Foundation's History

The Yerzhan Tatishev Public Foundation was founded in February 2005 by members of the Tatishev family and senior executives from the Bank TuranAlem. The foundation is governed by a board of trustees led by Erlan Nureldaemovich Tatishev.

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