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#IAmRemarkable – Empowering Diversity


Google’s #IAmRemarkable embraces diversity and challenges the status quo by sparking conversations that build self-esteem and self-promotion skills. Two Google employees started the campaign in 2016 after noticing a gap in representation and deciding to act on it.

The project soon became a roaring success internally and then gained traction outside the Google sphere. 

Even during the pandemic-driven lockdowns where the need to stay at home clearly had an impact on mental health, the #IAmRemarkable initiative has been gaining ground. Individuals worldwide have taken part, and businesses are bringing the program in-house to support diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. 

It’s All About Self-Promotion, in a Good Way

Google launched the #IamRemarkable initiative with the primary goal of empowering marginalized groups and women. It amplifies their voices and breaks down the taboos around self-promotion, making it possible for people to share their accomplishments without feeling as though they’re bragging. 

So many people, no matter how remarkable they are, struggle to speak about their accomplishments. Cultural norms, gender modesty, and imposter syndrome prevent them from sharing their achievements and acknowledging their unique attributes. Women and people who are members of underrepresented groups are particularly vulnerable to this, but they are not the only ones who can benefit from this initiative. Since its inception, #IamRemarkable’s reach has evolved to include anyone’s achievements, whether they’re in the workplace or elsewhere. 

How It Works

#IamRemarkable workshops are inspirational 90-minute sessions run by facilitators trained by Google. They boost self-confidence, highlight the importance of self-promotion, dispel negativity, and offer tips and tools to practice for real-life situations. During the workshops, participants get together in small groups to discuss their achievements with one another. 

Anyone interested in finding their voice or improving self-confidence can participate in one of the workshops or bring it into their place of work. Those who are passionate about helping others can even become a facilitator and begin presenting workshops. No matter what you do, taking part in Google’s #IAmRemarkable initiative promotes diversity and inclusion and gives people the opportunity to find their voice and use it for positive change in themselves and others. 

Are You Ready for #IAmRemarkable?

There are several options to join the initiative. 

  • Sign up for a digital workshop like this Build Confidence With Self-Promotion workshop. 
  • Take a look at the program schedule and sign up for inspiring virtual talks by influencers like Naomi Campbell—a model and activist, Shiva Raichandani—the non-binary artist, and John Amaechi—an organizational psychologist. 
  • Sign up to the #IAmRemarkable mailing list and keep an eye out for events like the #IAmRemarkable week, during which you can take part in challenges and track your progress. 
  • Bring #IAmRemarkable to your company by filling in this interest form
  • Join the global network of #IAmRemarkable facilitators by signing up here

For inspiration, here are five remarkable stories. To learn more, spend some time at the #IAmRemarkable website; it is well worth it.

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