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Count Down to 2016 – People Give More on New Year’s Eve


There is an increase in donations to charities and foundations during November and December each year. From Thanksgiving onwards there is a steady increase of donations to foundations and charities. According to Network for Good, in 2014, up to 31% of ALL donations occurred in December with a whopping 12% on New Year’s Eve itself. What’s the reason behind the last minute giving and how can foundations prepare to leverage the last few days of 2015 to entice new donors to their cause.

A Foundation Guide to Giving in December

With the increase in quite literally, last minute online donations, you need to make sure that your foundation or organization is equipped to manage, process and interact with potential donors.
1. Make sure that your website offers an easy way for donors to make an online payment to your charity: Set up secure payment gateways from a number of different payment sources and don’t forget to include sources like PayPal to facilitate easy payment choices. Security should be your top concern; donors will be encouraged to increase their donation if you ensure their security.
2. Make it easy for them to contact you: Donors want to know that you’re accessible to answer questions, and available to walk them through their donation choices. While many sites have a standard contact form, consider setting up an online chat service over the next couple of weeks. This gives your potential donors the chance to engage with you.
3. Set up a specific year-end giving page on your website: Consider adding a page to your website that is easily reached by a link on your home page. Give an overview of your foundation’s activities in 2015 and a short description about your plans for 2016. This is especially important for repeat donors – having a review of what was accomplished in the previous year will help them make a decision about their donation in 2015.

Tax Deductions for Online Donations

Many people use the last few days of the year to make donations because of the ability to claim a donation as tax deductible in 2015, even if paid by credit card in January of 2016. For people making a last minute donation – make it as easy as possible for them to give.