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Top Fundraising Tips for Schools – Stick to the ABC’s


Fundraising for schools is a little different than raising money for a charity, although many of the principles are similar. Many of the fundraising activities rely not only on support from the student body, but also on the efforts and support of the parents. It is important to keep fundraising efforts simple, engaging, and easy to manage if you want to get the best returns.

The Best Fundraising Tips for Schools

One of the most essential fundraising tips for schools is to keep it simple. Don’t be fooled… Sometimes a simple idea, like a bake sale, for example, can end up being a LOT of work for parents and the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) for very little monetary return. Think outside of the box to find creative ideas that don’t involve a lot of time and effort and maximize the return.
It is also very important to have a few great fundraisers during the school year rather than a lot of smaller fundraisers. Having to ask parents, students, and friends to invest time and effort throughout the year can get draining and result in an overall lessening of both the impact of your fundraisers and the results.

Local Partner Programs Work Wonders

Partnering with a fundraising organization or corporate sponsor program is a wonderful way to raise funds without having to ask parents to invest additional time and money into school fundraisers. There are hundreds of education partner programs that allow people to raise money for their school or a nominated school. The concept is simple: join one of the large school rewards programs and a certain amount of money will be donated to your school with each purchase. The Amazon School Rewards Program, Office Depot, A+ School Rewards, are only a few out of hundreds. The best way is to partner with a local school rewards program which will help your local community give back to the school while shopping locally.

The Best Fundraising Tips for School? Keep It Simple!

The best way to raise funds is to raise awareness. Keep it simple, get everyone involved not just parents, include extended family and grandparents as well. Tap into the talents of parents and utilize their skills to help when you need them. Most importantly – be inclusive. The best way to raise money for your school is to make sure everyone can be included and contribute regardless of their personal circumstances. Make sure that each fundraising activity is directed towards a tangible important goal that will help improve the school for students.

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