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A Tour of Our Global Community of Giving

Without Hope There Cannot Be Change – Theirworld Takes On the Challenge


Focusing truly on the children that it serves, Theirworld is an international organisation committed to its founding mission: Hope, Change and Challenge. Each life that comes into this world is precious, each child deserves the best start and the best chance to grow into a confident, productive and well-rounded adult, and the best way to accomplish that is to make sure that opportunity is available to them.

Hope – Hope for New Beginnings

One of the founding principles of Theirworld is the firm belief that every life is important and that safe pregnancy and childbirth is essential. The charity invests significant resources into the vitally important research done by the scientists at the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory, Edinburgh, in the field of advanced care for premature babies and high-risk, or at-risk, pregnant mothers.

Change – The Future Needs Change Now

Childhood should be a time for change, a time to learn, to develop and to grow. In many regions of the world this is not possible for the most vulnerable sectors of the population: children. Theirworld launched ‘A World at School’ in 2013: a program which has grown into a thriving catalyst for change as well as being instrumental in bringing quality education to thousands of younger children in high-risk areas. The organization has been actively involved in #BringBackourGirls, #SafeSchools, and #UpForSchool digital media campaigns, and works directly with organizations on the ground in Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan.

Challenge – Theirworld Takes On the World

To ensure that children, the future of this world, have the best start in life, Theirworld actively campaigns for the rights of children in different communities. Whether it is fighting against child marriage, lobbying government for increased access to education for refugees, or changing the way STEM subjects are taught to young girls, this charity is an advocate for those who have no voice, no rights and, often, no say in their future.

Theirworld works to support a myriad of charities, non-governmental organizations, researchers and those who are on the ground working among the communities that need help the most.

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